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Land Use Planning and Zoning

Brian C. Balstad ("Brian") is well versed in land use planning and zoning as he previously served as a Land Use and Zoning Supervisor for a county in Minnesota with comprehensive county-wide zoning, he has represented and assisted in representing clients in land use planning and zoning administrative and regulatory proceedings, he has represented clients against municipalities in land use and zoning legal proceedings and appeals, he has advised and assisted in advising municipalities regarding land use and zoning matters, and he is well educated in law, public administration, land use planning, and government. He is also an AICP Certified Planner.

If you are a citizen or private entity applying for governmental approval, Brian provides assistance in applying for land use, planning, zoning, and other regulatory approval at all stages of the process. The latter includes, however is not limited to, applying for zoning permits, conditional use permits, special use permits, subdivision approval, variances, and the like.  Brian will acquire the information necessary to prepare the required paperwork, prepare the required paperwork, publish notices and perform other tasks required for approval, appear at meetings and hearings, file and record any and all paperwork required to be filed and/or recorded, and the like. If you have been aggrieved by a governmental decision, Brian can review your case and advise you as to the strengths and weakness of your case so you can make an informed decision as to whether it is worth your time and money to contest the governmental decision.  If you elect to contest the governmental decision, Brian also provides legal representation in administrative reviews, appeals of administrative decisions to district court, lawsuits in district court if authorized by law, and appeals of district court decisions.


If you are a governmental entity, Brian provides assistance in establishing, amending, implementing, and enforcing comprehensive plans and zoning ordinances.  He provides assistance in establishing plans, procedures, and forms for carrying out zoning functions.  Brian also provides legal advice and training to governmental entities regarding land use, planning, and zoning matters.  Given the importance of land use, planning, and zoning and the significant impact it has on citizens and the rights of citizens, the Balstad Law Firm generally offers the aforementioned legal services to governmental entities at a discounted rate.  In addition to the legal services described above, Brian also provides legal representation in administrative appeals, enforcement proceedings, lawsuits in district court, and in appeals of district court decisions.